Subaru Robin EX21 Engine

Subaru Robin EX21 Engine
7 HP
Air Cooled
1 Cylinder
Item# EX21

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Subaru Robin EX21 Engine Overview

The Subaru EX21 7 Horse Power Engine has a chain-driven overhead cam design that gives it great power and performance. EX engines start right away even at cold temperatures.

Subaru Robin EX21 Engine Product Specifications

  Class Air Cooled 4 Stroke Overhead Cam Chain Drive Gasoline Engine
  Shaft Horizontal
  Cylinders 1
  Displacement 211
  Cycles 4
  Fuel Unleaded Gasoline
  Max HP/RPM (Gross HP) 7.0/4000
  Max KW/RPM 5.1/4000
  Continuous HP/RPM 5.0/3600
  Max Torque ftlbs/RPM 10.26/2500
  Max Nm/RPM 13.9/2500
  Bore x Stroke mm 67 x 60
  Compression Ratio 8.5:1
  Starter Recoil & Electric
  Dry Weight lbs 35
  Dry Weight kg 16
  Length inches (mm) 311
  Width inches (mm) 366
  Height inches (mm) 335
  Fuel Capicity US Gallons (ltrs) 0.95
  Fuel Capacity Fl oz (ltrs) 3.6
  Lube Type Engine Oil SAE 10W-30, 20W, 30W
  Oil Capicity Fl oz (ltrs) 20.28
  Air Cleaner Dual Element
  Muffler (type) Low-Noise Rigid Type
  Ignition System Solid State Transistorized Magneto
  Lube System Splash
  Oil Sensor Low Oil Level Optional
  Emission Rating Tier III EPA/CARB
  Color Black Standard
  Governor System Mechanical Flyweight
  Fuel System Carbureted Float

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Pressure Washer EnginesThis hot or cold water pressure washer is powered by a Subaru EX21 7 HP gasoline engine, a great model to use for a pressure washer engine application like this.
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Pressure washer powered by a Subaru EX21 7 HP gasoline engine.

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