W4-1770E Wisconsin Engine

W4-1770E Wisconsin Engine
37 HP
Air Cooled
4 Cylinders
Item# W4-1770E

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The W4-1770 air-cooled, 37 horsepower, industrial engine was designed to meet the rigorous demands placed on industrial and construction equipment. This V-four model is equipped with many standard features to satisfy a variety of applications. With the new on board Fuel Management System the fuel consumption under load has been reduced by 20%. The electronics also include on-board diagnostics. Certified for mobile application by EPA and CARB. Exacting design features provide extended engine life even in the most demanding applications and environments. Wisconsin engines not only have been been selected to power a variety of industrial and construction applications but have set industry standards for engine construction and performance. Features such as out-board bearings to enable full power being taken in side-loading applications, hardened valves and seats, forged crankshaft and numerous other features to assure you have the longest lasting product on the market.

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