Waukesha Engines

Waukesha® Engines is a global manufacturer of gaseous fueled internal combustion engines for gas and air compression, prime and standby power generation, pump, chiller, blower, & other industrial applications. Innovative design improvements keep pace with demands for higher loads and speeds, to simple, long-term reliability. Continental Engines sells, services, and provides expert application engineering for all Waukesha products. *Waukesha is a registered trademark of Dresser Inc.

Our Projects

Continental Engines creates, builds and installs power generation solutions across many industries and applications. From engineering studies to equipment sourcing, assembly and installation we're your reliable source for generating power solutions.

  • Fiat Powertrain (FPT) Diesel Engine powered 300 KW Genset powering a Prototype Infra-red Asphalt Seam Sealing machine.
  • Yanmar Powered (3TNV88-BDSA) Open Pump Unit For Waste Water Pumping, Irrigation Systems.
  • Yanmar Powered Hydraulic Power Pack Aircraft Fuel Transfer Pumping Unit.
  • Fiat Powertrain (FPT) Powered (N67,C87 & C13 engines) Portable Fire Pumps.
  • Hatz Powered (4L41C Diesel Engine) Truck Mounted Hydraulic Platform for Bridge Work

Replacement Engines & OEM Engine Applications