About Us

At Continental Engines we have built on a strong foundation in the engine and engine parts industry. Our staff has years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the engines and parts we carry. Our project engineers have the ability to take your power solution challenge from conception to installation. With backing from the strongest manufacturers in the industry we strive to make having Continental Engines as a partner a key to your success. 

In addition to representing product lines such as Kohler, Yanmar, Wisconsin Motors, and Hatz, Continental Engines also offers services for both the engine and generator markets. Engine services include repair and routine maintenance, and generator services include generator rentals, custom built generators, delivery, installation, scheduled maintenance, and emergency assistance which is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quality Control

Our team carefully inspects materials and equipment before it is used for a project or shipped to a customer. 

Customer Service

Individualized service, not just sales. Our staff has years of experience and knowledge of the engine and engine… 

Parts in Stock

A huge selection of parts and engines are stocked in our warehouse. Drop ship arrangements with our manufactures. 

Engine Repair/ Assembly

Our spacious facility allows us to built or rebuild engines and generators in quality for our customers in house.

Distributor and Dealer

We have room for large and small industrial engines for our dealers and direct sale customers. 

Custom Installation

We have the know-how and facilities to adequately prep for custom installations of any size.