custom weatherproofing

Custom Weatherproofing

We design and build custom weatherproof housing for all of our projects. This includes enclosures for pumps, custom generator enclosures and cabinets for engines. These custom enclosures can be used for protecting equipment from the elements as well as work site debris. We also engineer and produce enclosures with soundproofing.

Examples of Weatherproofing:

Custom Enclosure for Sykes Ameripumps Centrifugal Pump Overview: These pumps initially had fiberglass enclosures, which were subject to cracking after about a year of use. The manufacturer asked Continental Engines to design new enclosures made out of metal. We designed these pump enclosures for 3 models of pumps, was in charge of their fabrication and conducted sound level testing as well as air flow testing on them.

Hatz Powered Truck Mounted Hydraulic Platform for Bridge Work Overview: Hatz 30 KW Generator powered with Hatz 4L41C Diesel Engine. Used as a power source for truck mounted Hydraulic Platform bridge work. Custom diamond pattern enclosure was designed/built by Continental Engines as well