Engine Services and Maintenance

Engine Services and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

Continental Engines comprehensive full service machine shop and repair division meets the individual demands of our commercial and individual customers demand for quality service. We handle industrial, commercial, lawn/garden/turf and construction equipment with quick turn-around. Our certified mechanics and technicians comply to manufacturer specifications and support our products with the skill our product lines demand.

Warranty Repair

We take the hassle out of warranty claims for our customers. Our mechanics are factory authorized in warranty repair for many of our product lines. Engine warranty repair, generator warranty repair and power equipment warranty repairs are all done by Continental Engines Technicians.

Engine Remanufactoring

We offer a wide range of custom remanufactured engines to meet your needs. OEM parts are used exclusively in all custom remanufactured and rebuilt engine assemblies, ensuring reliability of the the final project.

The Rebuilt Engine Process

Engines and component parts are completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and carefully inspected. Brand new parts are used to replace worn components. The rebuild process meets and exceeds the strictest factory original engine specifications. Finished rebuilt engines are fully tested using computer-controlled equipment.

Continental Engines inspects and replaces the following engine parts:

Camshaft bearings
Connecting rod bearings, bushings
Crankshaft main and thrust bearings, rear and side seals
Fuel injection pump, injectors
Gasket, dowel, cap plugs, clamps, hoses and o-rings
Grommets, filters, key pins and seals
Oil Cooler
Oil Pump and pick-up tube
Pistons and rings
Transfer Tube
Turbo Charger (where applicable)
Valves, retainers, retainer locks and stem seals
Water Pump, and thermostats

Additional parts carefully tested, inspected, evaluated and replaced if necessary:

Bare blocks
Exhaust manifolds
Head castings
Intake manifolds

Our remanufactured engine department offers these additional services and operations:

Blocks are align bored
Blocks, heads and cranks testing
Cylinders are sleeved (as required), bored and honed
Crankshafts and camshafts are ground to Factory OE specs
Full, live condition testing
Heads and blocks are surfaced

**Continental Engines is constantly buying used engines. Contact us regarding our buy-back policy.